Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Scroll down to find links where you can check for item availability. Each item will be an ebook or audiobook that you can access from home.


Oh, Ellen, ed. A Thousand Beginnings and Endings: 15 Retellings of Asian Myths and Legends. 2018.
     Gr 8 Up. “Sixteen bestselling and acclaimed authors reimagine the folklore and mythology of East and South Asia in short stories that are by turns enchanting, heartbreaking, romantic, and passionate.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Ahmed, Samira. Internment. 2019. 
     Gr 9 Up. “A terrifying, futuristic United States where Muslim Americans are forced into internment camps, and seventeen-year-old Layla Amin must lead a revolution against complicit silence.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Ahdieh, Renée. The Wrath and the Dawn. 2015.
     Gr 9 Up. When brazen Shahrzad marries the deadly Caliph of Khorasan, she plans to assassinate him in revenge for her friend’s execution. But as she waits for the right moment to strike, she gets to know the man behind the monster, and finds herself torn between her duty as an assassin and as a wife.
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Cho, Kat. Wicked Fox. 2019.
     Gr 8 Up. “After 18-year-old Gu Miyoung, a nine-tailed fox surviving in modern-day Seoul by eating the souls of evil men, kills a murderous goblin to save Jihoon, she is forced to choose between her immortal life and his.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Chokshi, Roshani. The Gilded Wolves. 2019. 
     Gr 9 Up. A diverse group of teenage thieves are hired to steal a magic artifact in 19th century Paris.
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Dao, Julie C. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. 2017.
     Gr 9 Up. “Xifeng, a poor, beautiful village girl, dares to fulfill her destiny to become the Empress of Feng Lu.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Faizai, Hafsah. We Hunt the Flame. 2019. 
     Gr 9 Up. “In a world inspired by ancient Arabia, 17-year-old huntress Zafira disguises herself as a man to seek a lost artifact that could return magic to her cursed world.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Lee, C.B. Not Your Sidekick. 2016.
     Gr 6 Up. “Welcome to Andover, where superpowers are common, but internships are complicated. Just ask high school nobody, Jessica Tran. Despite her heroic lineage, Jess is resigned to a life without superpowers and is merely looking to beef up her college applications when she stumbles upon the perfect (paid!) internship—only it turns out to be for the towns most heinous supervillain. On the upside, she gets to work with her longtime secret crush, Abby, whom Jess thinks may have a secret of her own. Then theres the budding attraction to her fellow intern, the mysterious ‘M,’ who never seems to be in the same place as Abby. But what starts as a fun way to spite her superhero parents takes a sudden and dangerous turn when she uncovers a plot larger than heroes and villains altogether.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Lim, Elizabeth. Spin the Dawn. 2019. 
     Gr 7 Up. “Project Runway meets Mulan in this sweeping fantasy about a young girl who poses as a boy to compete for the role of imperial tailor and embarks on an impossible journey to sew three magic dresses, from the sun, the moon, and the stars.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Lo, Malinda. Ash. 2009. 
     Gr 8 Up. “In this variation on the Cinderella story, Ash grows up believing in the fairy realm that the king and his philosophers have sought to suppress, until one day she must choose between a handsome fairy cursed to love her and the King’s Huntress, whom she loves.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Lu, Marie. Warcross. 2017. 
     Gr 8 Up. “Emika Chen's life goes from desperation to unbelievable fame and fortune literally overnight, when she is hired to detect and stop a scheme to disrupt the mega-popular annual Warcross games.” (YALSA’s 2018 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, Summary)
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Ngan, Natasha. Girls of Paper and Fire. 2018.
     Gr 10 Up. “In this richly developed fantasy, Lei is a member of the Paper caste, the lowest and most persecuted class of people in Ikhara. She lives in a remote village with her father, where the decade-old trauma of watching her mother snatched by royal guards for an unknown fate still haunts her. Now, the guards are back and this time it’s Lei they’re after—the girl with the golden eyes whose rumored beauty has piqued the king’s interest.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Pon, Cindy. Silver Phoenix. 2009.
     Gr 9 Up. “With her father long overdue from his journey and a lecherousmerchant blackmailing her into marriage, 17-year-old Ai Ling becomes aware of a strange power within her as she got in search of her parent.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Tahir, Sabaa. An Ember in the Ashes. 2015. 
     Gr 9 Up. “While spying for the Resistance in the Empire's stronghold, Laia finds a surprising ally in Elias, a deadly warrior who has secrets of his own. Hardingham and West embody the vulnerability and gritty strength of both characters as they fight to survive.” (YALSA Book Finder, Summary)


Lu, Marie & Stuart Moore. Batman: Nightwalker: The Graphic Novel. 2019.
     Gr 8 Up. “A ruthless new gang of criminals known only as Nightwalkers is terrorizing Gotham, and the city’s elite are being taken out one by one. On the way home from his 18th birthday party, newly minted billionaire Bruce Wayne makes an impulsive choice that puts him in their crosshairs and lands him in Arkham Asylum, the once-infamous mental hospital. There, he meets Madeleine Wallace, a brilliant killer…and Bruce’s only hope. Madeleine is the mystery Bruce must unravel, but is he convincing her to divulge her secrets, or is he feeding her the information she needs to bring Gotham City to its knees?” (Publisher’s summary)
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Takei, George. They Called Us Enemy. 2019.
     Gr 7 Up. In this graphic memoir, George Takei of Star Trek fame talks about his childhood experiences in an internment camp for Japanese-American citizens.
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Tamaki, Mariko. Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass. 2019.
     Gr 9 Up. “Fifteen-year-old Harleen Quinzel is sent to live in Gotham City while her mom works on a cruise ship. When Gotham's best drag queen, Mama, takes her in, Harley finds a home and makes a new best friend, Ivy, at Gotham High.” (YALSA’s 2020 Great Graphic Novels for Teens, summary)
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Tamaki, Mariko. She-Hulk, Vol. 1: Deconstructed. 2016.
     Gr 6 Up. “Jen Walters has returned to practicing law after the second Civil War, but she has come back changed. No longer green and struggling to control her inner demons, Jen takes on a new client who is struggling with her own dark fears.” (YALSA’s 2018 Great Graphic Novels for Teens, summary)
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Tamaki, Mariko. X-23, Vol. 1: Family Album. 2019.
     Gr 6 Up. “After years of nothing but loneliness, tragedy, and violence in her life, the original X-23 clone, Laura Kinney, is finally at peace, living with her teenaged cloned sister, Gabby. When Gabby is kidnapped by the Cuckoos, three sisters who are clones of Emma Frost, Laura will do whatever it takes to get her back, even if it means turning other sisters against each other.” (YALSA’s 2020 Great Graphic Novels for Teens, summary)
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Wang, Jen. The Prince and the Dressmaker. 2018.
     Gr 6 Up. Frances, a young seamstress, becomes personal fashion designer to Sebastian, a young prince with a big secret: he secretly likes to wear dresses. With the help of Frances’s sewing skills, Sebastian is able to slip from the palace unnoticed and become an overnight sensation as Lady Crystallia, Paris’s biggest—and most mysterious—fashion icon. Frances will do anything to keep her friend’s secret safe—but will it come at the cost of the greatness and recognition she so longs for?
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Wilson, G. Willow. Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal. 2014.
     Gr 6 Up. “Kamala Khan is an ordinary girl from Jersey City - until she is suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts. But who truly is the all-new Ms. Marvel? Teenager? Muslim? Inhuman? Find out as she takes the Marvel Universe by storm!” (Publisher’s summary)
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Yang, Gene Luen. New Superman, Vol. 1: Made in China. 2017.
     Gr 6 Up. “An impulsive act of heroism thrusts an arrogant young man into the limelight of Shanghai as China begins to form its own Justice League of powerful heroes. As the government creates their own Superman, will they live to regret the person they've chosen? Rising from the ashes of SUPERMAN: THE FINAL DAYS OF SUPERMAN and the death of the Man of Steel, will this New Super-Man step up to the challenge, or be crushed under the weight of his hubris and inexperience?” (Publisher’s summary)
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Budhos, Marina. Ask Me No Questions. 2006.
     Gr 7 Up. “Fourteen-year-old Nadira, her sister, and their parents leave Bangladesh for New York City, but the expiration of their visas and the events of September 11, 2001, bring frustration, sorrow, and terror for the whole family.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Lai, Thanhhá. Inside Out and Back Again. 2011.
     Gr 6 Up. “Through a series of poems, a young girl chronicles the life-changing year of 1975, when she, her mother, and her brothers leave Vietnam and resettle in Alabama.” (Publisher’s summary)

Lee, Stacey. The Downstairs Girl. 2019.
     Gr 7 Up. “In this masterful concoction of historical fiction that mirrors contemporary social issues, Jo Kuan is a Chinese American girl living in the periphery of Southern society in 1890. When she begins using a pseudonym to write a witty advice column, she discovers more about herself.” (Summary from 2020 Best Fiction for Young Adults, YALSA)
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Perkins, Mitali. You Bring the Distant Near. 2017.
     Gr 9 Up. “From 1965 through the present, an Indian American family adjusts to life in New York City, alternately fending off and welcoming challenges to their own traditions.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Pan, Emily X.R. The Astonishing Color of After. 2018.
     Gr 9 Up. “After her mother’s suicide, grief-stricken Leigh Sanders travels to Taiwan to stay with grandparents she never met, determined to find her mother, who she believes turned into a bird.” (Publisher’s summary)


Bowman, Akemi Dawn. Summer Bird Blue. 2018.
     Gr 8 Up. “Music helps a Washington state teenager overcome guilt and grief after the death of her beloved younger sister.” (Kirkus)
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Kamata, Suzanne. Gadget Girl: The Art of Being Invisible. 2013.
     Gr 7 Up. Fourteen-year-old Aiko Cassidy, an aspiring manga artist, is half-white, half-Japanese, and has cerebral palsy. She’s used to being invisible to pretty much everyone, but during a trip to France for an exhibition of her mother’s art, she undergoes experiences that help her grow as a person.
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Khan, Sabina. The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali. 2019.
     Gr 9 Up. “Seventeen-year-old Rukhsana Ali is looking forward to going to Caltech and getting away from her conservative Muslim parents’ expectation that she will marry, especially since she is in love with her girlfriend, Ariana—but she her parents catch her kissing Ariana, they whisk Rukhsana off to Bangladesh and into a world of tradition and arranged marriages, and she must find the courage to fight for the right to choose her own path.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Khorram, Adib. Darius the Great is Not Okay. 2018.
     Gr 8 Up. “Darius is not okay with his impossible-to-please father, his mother and sister's shared Farsi sisterhood, and his ‘Fractional Persian’ heritage. A family trip to his mother's homeland means learning more about his family, himself, and the many forms love can take.”
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Na, An. A Step from Heaven. 2006.
     Gr 8 Up. “From master storyteller An Na comes the Printz Award-winning novel about a Korean girl who tells her firsthand account of trying to find her place and identity in America from the day she leaves Korea as a child to her rocky journey through the teenage years.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Patel, Sonia. Rani Patel in Full Effect. 2016.
     Gr 10 Up. “Rani Patel, almost 17 and living on remote Moloka’i island, is oppressed by the cultural norms of her Gujarati immigrant parents but when Mark, an older man, draws her into new experiences, red flags abound.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Ribay, Randy. The Patron Saints of Nothing. 2019.
     Gr 10 Up. “After Jay, a Filipino American high school senior gets word that his once-close cousin and pen pal Jun is dead, he travels to the Philippines to uncover the truth.” (YALSA’s 2020 Best Fiction for Young Adults, summary)
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Ali, S.K. Love from A to Z. 2019.
     Gr 8 Up. “Zayneb and Adam, similarly fascinated with marvels and oddities, are serendipitously thrown together as they both visit Doha, Qatar, during their spring break.” (YALSA’s 2020 Best Fiction for Young Adults, summary)
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Bhathena, Tanaz. A Girl Like That. 2018.
     Gr 8 Up. “Sixteen-year-old Zarin Wadia is […] the kind of girl that parents warn their kids to stay away from: a troublemaker whose many romances are the subject of endless gossip at school. You don't want to get involved with a girl like that, they say. So how is it that eighteen-year-old Porus Dumasia has only ever had eyes for her? And how did Zarin and Porus end up dead in a car together, crashed on the side of a highway in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? When the religious police arrive on the scene, everything everyone thought they knew about Zarin is questioned. And as her story is pieced together, told through multiple perspectives, it becomes clear that she was far more than just a girl like that.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Chao, Gloria. American Panda. 2018.
     Gr 8 Up. “A freshman at MIT, 17-year-old Mei Lu tries to live up to her Taiwanese parents’ expectations, but no amount of tradition, obligation, or guilt prevent her from hiding several truths—that sh his squeamish with germs and cannot become a doctor, she prefers dancing to biology, she decides to reconnect with her estranged older brother and she is dating a Japanese boy.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Choi, Mary H.K. Permanent Record. 2019.
     Gr 10 Up. Sparks fly when Pakistani-Korean Pablo, a college dropout, meets Leanna, a social media sensation, at the health food store where Pablo works.
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Goo, Maurene. Somewhere Only We Know. 2019.
     Gr 9 Up. “Told from two viewpoints, teens Lucky, a very famous K-pop star, and Jack, a part-time paparazzo who is trying to find himself, fall for each other against the odds through the course of one stolen day.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Mafi, Tahereh. A Very Large Expanse of Sea. 2018.
     Gr 9 Up. “A moving coming-of-age narrative about the viciousness of Islamophobia and the unwavering power of love in post–9/11 America.” (Kirkus)
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Menon, Sandhya. When Dimple Met Rishi. 2017.
     Gr 8 Up. “When Dimple Shah and Rishi Patel meet at a summer program, Dimple is avoiding her parents’ obsession with ‘marriage prospects’ but Rishi hopes to woo her into accepting an arranged marriage with him.” (Publisher’s summary)

Nazemian, Abdi. Like a Love Story. 2019.
     Gr 9 Up. “Three teens—an Iranian youth hiding his sexuality for fear of death, an openly gay photographer, and an aspiring fashion designer with an HIV-positive uncle—all find love, along with their voices, as activists in 1989 New York during the height of the AIDS crisis.” (YALSA, 2020 Best Fiction for Young Adults booklist summary)
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Sugiura, Misa. It’s Not Like It’s a Secret. 2017.
     Gr 8 Up. “Moving from Wisconsin to California, Japanese American Sana finds support with a diverse group of friends. Secrets her parents keep make her less likely to open up about her own, but she learns to come to terms with her identity. Racism and lesbian romance are explored with nuance.” (YALSA’s 2018 Best Fiction for Young Adults, summary)
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Wen, Abigail Hing. Loveboat, Taipei. 2020.
     Gr 9 Up. “A sheltered teen with a passion for dance finds love, drama, and herself at a summer camp in Taiwan.” (Kirkus)
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Farizan, Sara. Here to Stay. 2018.
     Gr 9 Up. “When a cyberbully sends the entire high school a picture of basketball hero Bijan Majidi, photo-shopped to look like a terrorist, the school administration promises to find and punish the culprit, but Bijan just wants to pretend the incident never happened and move on.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Lee, Fonda. Zeroboxer. 2015.
     Gr 8 Up. “As 17-year-old Carr ‘the Raptor’ Luka rises to fame in the weightless combat sport of zeroboxing, he learns a devastating secret that jeopardizes not only his future in the sport, but interplanetary relations.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Oketani, Shogo & Lexa Lowitz. Jet Black and the Ninja Wind. 2013.
     Gr 7 Up. “Seventeen-year-old Jet Black is a ninja. There's only one problem—she doesn't know it.” (Publisher’s summary)
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Lee, Sungju. Every Falling Star: The True Story of How I Survived and Escaped North Korea. 2016. 
     Gr 8 Up. This devastating memoir chronicles Lee’s turbulent life in the hermit kingdom of North Korea, starting with his childhood as a son of privilege, and ending with his eventual escape years later, after his family fell out of favor with the country’s ruling party.

Mah, Adeline Yen. Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter. 2009.
     Gr 7 Up. “A poignant and moving true account of [Mah’s] childhood, growing up as an unloved daughter in 1940s China.” (Publisher’s summary)
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